bottiglia 12 - Passito dei Colli Aprutini

bottiglia 12 - Passito dei Colli Aprutini

Azienda Agricola Biagi - Colonnella (TE) - Abruzzo, Italy

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Passito “Colli Aprutini” I.G.T. è un vino da dessert delicatissimo e cremoso. Può essere degustato anche come liquore, fermo restando il suo grado alcolico non elevato (14%). Anche, può essere abbinato a selezioni di formaggi stagionati, specialmente a fine pasto.

Passito dei Colli Aprutini is one of the typical dessert-wine of our area. Passito it's a wine made with dried grapes and it is a middle way between a wine and a very light liquor.  Perfect for a relaxing after dinner's drink and excellent on side of any kind of dessert (catalana cream, anise biscuits, guinness cakes, fruit pies, etc.). Also, Passito matches beautifully with a selection of aged cheeses, at the end of your dinner maybe. Biagi family is involved in wine production from four generations. They’ve always used traditional methods to produce. 
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