BOTTIGLIA 34 - "Mida Pecorino" 2021

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il Pecorino di Mida è una notevole espressione dei vitigni bianchi tipici del nostro territorio. In bocca e al naso suona classico e fresco allo stesso tempo, robusto, sempre sorprendente a ogni sorso, una vera sicurezza.

Classic and rounded expression of Pecorino grape, an awesome dry white, a bit mineral, well balanced, with a great structure. To the nose it releases floral notes. When in mouth you feel clearly the fine and soft power of Pecorino grape. High enjoyment with any kind of seafood, oysters included, spicy food, white steamed meat. Unmissable. Organic and bio certification: YES.
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“Bandiera bianca”, FRANCO BATTIATO
(from the album “La voce del padrone”, 1981)

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