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vino rosso da tavola - 100% da uve Montepulciano - fresco e di grande beva, ma anche con il solido corpo del Montepulciano, che lo rende adatto anche ad arrosti e formaggi stagionati - un vino rosso da pasto di grande versatilità, venuto fuori dall'amore per l'uva, prodotto con metodi genuini e filtrato pochissimo.

"Rosso del Marito" means the Husband’s Red wine. It is Montepulciano grape 100%. Our beautiful everyday line also includes Bianco della Moglie (Wife’s White wine) and Rosato della Serva (Butler’s Rose wine). The everyday line for us is like a business card, we trust and deeply believe in this “high quality” farmer’s wine. This line is intended for a healthy daily use, for lunch, for dinner, for families, for people. It is a fresh line, light and very easy to drink. Also, very versatile with food. For example, "Rosso del Marito" is very nice as a simple aperitif, but also with any kind of pasta, fresh sausages, starters, main dishes, and roasts. 

12,5% of alcohol


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