2nd producer – VIGNETI VALLORANI – Sangiovese “Sorlivio” Riserva – bio


wine producer no. 2
Vigneti Vallorani – Colli del Tronto (AP)
Marche, Italy.

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Organic Bio certificated

“Sorlivio” Sangiovese , Marche Rosso I.G.T.
It is a sangiovese 100% of the 2012 vintage,
it is produced only in the years judged as best ones,
in fact, the next bottling will take place with the 2015 vintage.
In Italy you might as well find it in rare Michelin’s starred restaurants.
Aged 22 months in barrel and at least one year into the bottle, before being ready to drink;
Of course, when “Sorlivio” arrived then I immediately opened a bottle.
I let her breathe for half an hour, I took pictures of it from all angles, I approached it to the nose.
Then I put some music, an italian band called Ardecore, very modern songs built with popular tradition, it seemed to me the noblest thing to match with.
The time had come: I put the wine in my mouth,
and the words began to arrive, because sometimes the wine speaks to you. “eraser, paracetamol”, he says, when someone offer to you a supermarket wine,
this time instead,
he was saying important words with capital letters: “Elegance.
Wingspan of several meters.
You will feel the fragrance and freshness of Sangiovese combined with the body of the superhero.
In one fell swoop, he can swallow dozens of great monologues on wine, even tedious, and courses to become a sommelier
The best book on wine is a bottle like this.” This is what Sorlivio said me yesterday, in the late evening.
Unmissable. Rate: 10/10. Organic and bio certification: YES.

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wow, you’ve found a matching song!
“Fiore de gioventù”, ARDECORE
(from the self-titled album “ARDECORE”, 2005)