1st producer – label 1 – SOCIETA’ AGRICOLA F.LLI BIAGI – Rosso del marito


Wine producer no.1
Società Agricola F.lli Biagi, Colonnella (TE)
Abruzzo, Italy.
Labels’ concept and creation: Brevevita

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The Everyday line

Rosso del Marito means the Husband’s Red wine. The everyday line include also Bianco della Moglie (Wife’s White wine) and Rosato della Serva (Butler’s Rose wine). The everyday line for us is like a business card, we trust and deeply believe in this “high quality” farmer’s wine. It is intended for Lunch, for dinner, for families, for people. It is fresh, light and very easy to drink. Also, very versatile with any food. Very nice as a simple aperitif, as well. Especially the Husband is our captain, he’s the owner and undisputed master of the farm. He will be very kind and friendly with all of you, and with all your food, particularly with any kind of pasta, fresh sausages, starters, main dishes, white meat.
Montepulciano grape.
12,5% of alcohol

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