9th producer – PODERI SAN LAZZARO – super rare Bordò 100% – Marche Rosso IGT bio


wine producer no. 9
Azienda Agricola
Poderi San Lazzaro
Offida (AP)
Marche, Italy.

59 £ a bottle
our retail price

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Organic Bio certificated

“Bordò”, Marche Rosso I.G.T.
Rare, just a few bottles available in the u.k.
A marvelous red with brown reflections, when you put in mputh is like to drink a delicious jam. An unique emotion that you never felt before. Expensive but is worth every single pound.
With a great roast spicy dinner is the best, but also you can drink on his own.
Unmissable. Rate: 9/10. Organic and bio certification: YES.

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