6th producer – PANTALEONE VINI BIOLOGICI – Pivuan – Marche Rosato I.G.T.


wine producer no. 6
Azienda Agricola Pantaleone – Vini biologici
fraz. Colonnata Alta
Ascoli Piceno
Marche, Italy.

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Organic Bio certificated

“Pivuan” Marche Rosato I.G.T.
Dense, dry, full-bodied. As our tradition say, this is a powerful Rose wine made with Montepulciano grapes. New production of the lovely Pantaleone winery, first labelling and bottling: Vintage 2017 (the current one, the one now available in commerce). As usual for our bodied Rose wines, “Pivuan” is very versatile with food: try it with pies, soups (especially fish soups), bruschetta, spaghetti tuna and sardines, spicy food, fish and chips, fritture, aperitif, cakes and dessert. Unmissable as always. Rate: 9/10. Organic and bio certification: YES.

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