3rd producer – PAOLINI E STANFORD – “Aurai” Pecorino


wine producer no. 3
Paolini e Stanford – Offida (AP)
Marche, Italy.

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Organic Bio certificated

Pecorino “Aurai”: Pecorino is a dry and robust white grape typical of our area. There are a lot of Pecorino vineyards along the banks of the Tronto river. Paolini e Stanford winery made classic dry Pecorino as its best: fairly strong, full bodied, beautiful with any kind of cheese, fish, charcuterie, fresh dishes, and white meat as well. We selected and choice this Pecorino expression precisely, from the marvelous hills around Offida, relying on passion, honesty and talent of Raffaele and Dwight, owners of the winery. The place in which is based the Paolini e Stanford winery is a true paradise. Unmissable. Rate: 9/10. Organic and bio certification: YES.

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