3rd producer – PAOLINI E STANFORD – “Confusion” Marche Rosso I.G.T.


wine producer no. 3
Paolini e Stanford – Offida (AP)
Marche, Italy.

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Organic Bio certificated

“Confusion ” Marche Rosso I.G.T.
Great full-bodied red. The prince of the Paolini and Stanford philosophy. Four french grapes cultivated on East-Coast of Central Italy (not common) and aged seraparately for 6-7 years. A masterpiece. A valuable experiment. A big wine.
Is not easy to find a great Syrah in our area. This is very interesting, for wine lovers and for everyone who loves beautiful things. Food connections definitely with meat mainly, big roasts and heavy dishes. Unmissable. Rate: 9/10. Organic and bio certification: YES.

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