producer 11 – Azienda Vitivinicola Fontorfio “Pablo” Marche I.G.T. Orange wine


wine producer no. 10
Azienda Vitivinicola Fontorfio
Cossignano (AP)
Marche, Italy.

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Organic Bio Certicifated

“Pablo” Marche I.G.T. Orange wine

From the tiny surprising “Fontorfio” winery is coming the first Orange wine on our selections finally, just what we missed: “Pablo” ‘s orange own world is from Pecorino grapes 100%, macerated on skins. You have to drink it well refrigerated, but, you have to sip it as if it were a red.
Delicate tannins like a bodied red, amazing reshness like a dry white.
This is a fabulous experiment fomr the tiny precious Fontorfio.
You can match it with spicy dishes, rabbit and chicken with piceno’s wonderful sauces, and over all Pablo” give its best with a mighty slice of aged cheese. Please follow last suggestion. Will be an unmissable experience. Rate: 8/10.

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