8th producer – Azienda Vitivinicola Fontorfio “Cuprense 22” bio Sparkling 2015 sur lie


wine producer no. 8
Azienda Vitivinicola Fontorfio
Cossignano (AP)
Marche, Italy.

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Organic Bio Certicifated

“Cuprense 22” 2015 Vino Spumante Sur Lie

Extreme unusual Sparkling Sur Lie. Fontorfio winery creation another time again: 50% Passerina 50% Montepulciano in white vinification (WOOOOW!!!). Salt and Lemon tasting, a prodigious experiment. Very interesting for passionate and a bit bored wine lovers. It is recommended to turn the bottle upside down before uncorking it, to allow the yeasts present in the precious sparkling wine to be distributed everywhere in the bottle. Please have a taste, it sounds so different!! Great matches with seafood, ricotta and other fresh creamy cheeses, and also as a very funny stormy crackly aperitifs. An unmissable experience. Rate: 8/10.

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